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> devvv wrote:

> > .) is there any possibility to merge connected layers instead of 
> > turning the desired ones visible and use ctrl+m? if not, is this 
> > considered to be implemented in future releases of GIMP?

> so my answers would be :
> .) I don't think so

There is gimp_drawable_get_linked which returns the linked status of a layer, 
so it should be easy to write a script which does what you want. 

> .) I don't know

It is planned to have layer groups, and merging a layer groups is an operation 
that sounds useful, so I guess it might be added. In the meantime, a script 
will do.

> > .) is there a shortcut that allows you to duplicate a layer easily
> > (without using the layer-duplicate-button)?
> Well, pressing the "duplicate layer button" is easy, isn't it?
> You can also drag and drop the layer thumbnail to the image window.
> Ctrl-C and then Ctrl-V also duplicates stuff.

Ctrl+Shift+D is the default shortcut, but you can easily change this in the 
shortcut editor.


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