Ben Schreiner wrote:
I'd like to be able to taper the size of the brush (up or down) as it strokes along a path with a stroke line or possibly even a paint tool.

I assume this would at least need a script to achieve.

Is there any way for this to be done easily, or should I be looking at commissioning a script and/or development on the path tool.

I much prefer working with vectors than with rasters in general, but Inkscape doesn't seem to support this either.


Ben Schreiner

The only idea I can come with is to use a animated brush (image pipe) having lots of brushes from 1 pixel to the maximum size you want. Then, stroking using the paintbrush tool would be close to what you want.

The parametric brushes could be a nice tool for that too, if I could find any documentation on how to generate them ;)

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