On Tuesday 27 June 2006 06:10 am, Olivier Ripoll wrote:
>  .) how can i move a layer exactly on the horizontal or vertical
> axis? or
> > at a fixed angle, maybe at 45°?
> You can use the arrow keys (pressing Shift moves 10 pixels at a
> time). Another way is to place a guide at one edge of the layer and
> using it to guide the movement (guide are "magnetic") of the layer.
> For horizontal and vertical movements only.

That is, unless your gimp can create and work with Free guides. Then 
just place a guide at 45 degrees and snap the layer to it.

Oh dear...  I am afraid your gimp does not quite have support to free 
guides. <evil grin />

> Best regards,
> Olivier


PS. devvv, do not worry - sometimes one just can't let a chance for 
some gimp jokes go away like this

PPS. To whoever is aware of what I am talking about, yes,I've just 
tried snapping a layer to a guide at 45°, and it works flawlessly.
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