Brad Simmons writes:
> I've used GIMP's pencil tool, and as I expected, it draw a thick, very
> pixellated line. For me to do callouts, I want a thin, straight line
> which will not be so pixellated. This is easy in Photoshop, because it

To eliminate the pixellation, use the paintbrush tool (which
anti-aliases) rather than the pencil tool.

But that doesn't solve the arrow problem. GIMP unfortunately has no
tool that creates arrowheads; you either have to draw them by hand,
or make a brush or separate image of the arrowhead you want to use;
then rotate it appropriately for the line you've drawn.
(Googling for gimp arrows got lots of hits for brushes that
have already been created, but most of them have static orientation.)

It should be possible to make a gimp animated arrowhead brush that's
direction sensitive. I think Graphics Muse has something like

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