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> Hello,
> I have a little rectangle which I like to rotate / animate. The rotation 
> should give a kind of 3D impression -> the backward going part is 
> shrinking and the forward comming is growing relative to the middle axis 
> which goes noth / south. 
> I checked the GIMP help and asked google but I did not find a way to do 
> this under linux with GIMP, just some expensive MS Windows solutions. Any 
> hint how to do this are very wellcome. :-)
> I hope this is not too bad expained, my English leaves room for 
> improvement - which I am working on. 

I used to do this all the time with

Filter -> Map Object 

Select box, you can rotate it at will, you'll need a bunch of layers (one
for each frame), and you are mapping your image to the 3d object, so make
sure it is something interesting (I just tested again with a simple pure red
image, looked great as it span.


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