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Am 30.06.2006 um 00:09 schrieb Kungla:

On 6/30/06, Kungla <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I havent got an bugzilla accaunt approve and I contacted the Gimp.app
developer - but  no repaly  from him too.
You simply could have had a look into the forum at gimp-app. You immediately would have found a solution!

I think that Win and Mac users dont want to waste their time on
debuging - it too hard. Easyer is to pay for software and it's tested
I think it's not about beeing a waste of time or beeing to hard - there are simply people with different abilities and knowledge. I'm using OS X and try to help out with documentation screenshots and therelike. Coding is not my business anymore, but that of course doesn't mean that this would be a waste on time in general! I, as a user of GIMP, really appreciate any minute that is spend by the crowd to improve the GIMP!

for you. Linux users are IT fans and they like debuging and allso
belive in Open Source but all world cant belive in same thing and most
of people don't even know what the Open Source ((L)GPL) is - and they
dont have to - it's for developers - people just need good, easy and
WORKING software.
good working software is not a gift that falls out of the blue sky. Please consider that.

greetings, lexA


On 6/29/06, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, 2006-06-28 at 15:17 +0300, Kungla wrote:
> > Problem solved :) - (bug still there)
> > I removed from Mac OS ->System Preferences->International- >languages > > Estonian (so that English is first) and now filter menu an scripts are
> > visible
> I explicitely asked you to add any information that could help to our
> bug-tracker. Did you add this information?
> Sven

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