Hello Oliver,

great this is exactly that what I was looking for. To get a smooth rotation how many frames do I need to create? For a 360 turn via the y-axis?
After I have these many frames how do I get the animation? At the bottomline I like to get a gif file or what every is ok to be placed on a web page.

Thanks a lot again for the great help.

> 2- A better choice would be the "Map Object..." plugin, in Filter->Map
> set the following settings (do not change the ones I do not mention):
> check "show preview wireframe"
> Option tab:
>    Map to: plane
>    check "transparent background"
> Light tab:
>    Lightsource type: no light
> Orientation tab:
>    use the "Rotation" Z: √§nd set it to the angle you want
> You will have to create first many copies of the image you want to spin
> first, and then apply the effect with different angles to each one.
> See the following tutorial for some similar effect:
> http://www.home.unix-ag.org/simon/gimp/globes.html
> Best regards,
> Olivier.

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