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great this is exactly that what I was looking for. To get a smooth rotation how many frames do I need to create? For a 360 turn via the y-axis?

It depends on the speed you want. 10 frames per second is usually enough (25-30 is video setting). You will have to try. Start with rotating every 20 or 30°.

After I have these many frames how do I get the animation? At the bottomline I like to get a gif file or what every is ok to be placed on a web page.

There are again 2 solutions. The GAP (gimp animation package) is very useful in the long term, but requires some time to learn it. There are some animation tutorials there:

The "good old way" is perfect for animations with few frames
See tutorials there:
(only do the three last steps, from the moment it says "Now you can set the layer timings")
or even better:

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