Amazingly, I couldn't find a straight answer to this after significant searching...
I am fairly new to the gimp, so maybe one of you knows.

Is there a way to re-map the "middle-mouse-drag causes panning" functionality to a key?
It seems like practically everything else in the gimp is re-mappable, except this : /

Reason being I use a pen tablet that doesn't have a middle mouse button, and I don't want to keep switching to the mouse just for that.

Alternatively, is there a "pan" tool?
Then I could just press a key to switch to that as needed.

I know there is the navigation window, but I don't want to have to switch windows.
Also, there is the little lower-right-corner panning button on each image, but that is out of the way and doesn't give very good control.

I suppose there's always the source code (:

Thanks a bunch,

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