Hello experts,

I have a problem with a rotating logo..  (akazia_logo_v5.xcf) -> http://www.agenda21-bad-urach.de/demo.html.
 I rotated it by 5 degres each over the full 360 cirlce, I scaled it down and indexed the colour (sorry this might not
 be the correct word in English) and created the gif with 50ms per frame.

Now when you look at the result akazia_logo_v5_ani_demo.gif  -> http://www.agenda21-bad-urach.de/demo.html
you can easily see how bad it comes out:
- the text akazia is no more readable
- the "frame" in has got steps when it rotates
- at 90 and 270 degre there is a too long gap where nothing is visibable though I have set  the 90degre frame to 88 and 270 to 268 resp. -92 degree

I think this are "user" issues I just can not find out by try and error how to make it better. Has someone a hint what I can do? My assumption is not that
nessesarly the downscale is the reason - I think already the induvidal frames could be better. This leads to the question in which size and resolution (dpi)
I need to create the base and if there are does and donts for the rotation to get a better result.
And last: I created 72 frames manually - is there a tool to automate this ???

Thanks a lot

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