over the last two days, two new GIMP releases have been uploaded to

GIMP 2.2.12 is a bug-fix release in the stable GIMP 2.2 series. Among
other fixes, it removes a possible buffer overrun in the XCF parser.
Even though there are currently no known exploits for this security
hole, an update is strongly recommended. A complete list of bugs fixed
in 2.2.12 is available at http://developer.gimp.org/NEWS-2.2

GIMP 2.3.10 is a snapshot of the development leading to GIMP 2.4. A list
of changes is available from http://developer.gimp.org/NEWS. We are
slowly but steadily working towards a stable 2.4 release. Any help with
that effort is very much welcomed. New features are likely not going to
be accepted before 2.4, but we need any help we can get for polishing
the UI, reviewing strings, fixing bugs and preparing the release.


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