Jeffrey Brent McBeth writes:
> I would consider mouse toggling to be an accessibility issue best dealt with
> at a desktop level (GTK/Gnome/Whatever) rather than application specific
> hacks.

When I saw the original request I was thinking of suggesting a
"sticky mouse" option, equivalent to the "sticky keys" option
available in X or at the OS level to make modifier keys toggle,
for one-handed (or one-fingered) users.

But I quickly realized that the cure would be worse than the
disease. If you made the left mouse button toggle every time it
was clicked, then every one-click operation becomes a two-click
operation; your total number of mouse clicks nearly doubles.
If you didn't have RSI before then, that would bring it on
for sure!

So it actually might make sense to implement such a feature
separately for drawing tools in graphics programs (as an option, of
course). If it was implemented at a systemwide level, it would have
to be smarter than merely making clicks sticky; for instance, you
could say that any drag of more than [threshold] pixels remains a
drag even if the button is released during the drag, until the
button is clicked again.

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