Hi guys,

I just heard about something that has been set up for siggraph, but
there's a pressing need:

> One of the Blender folks can print us banners, connected to a "banner
> stand" like this: 
> http://www.nomadicdisplay.com/displays/banner-stands/signline-swift/
> We won't put them on the tables, but next to the tables. Two banner
> stands can hold each two prints, on each side.
> Here's a simple mockup, so you got the idea: 
> http://www.blender.org/bf/sb.jpg
> The prints will measure 30 x 60 inch each.
> So here's a todo for GNOME and Uni-verse: deliver me a design for
> that print (you're full free in that of course!). The fourth banner
> will be shared for Aqsis and Inkscape. I will connect the Inkscape
> designer with the Aqsis one (who happens to be sponsor for this
> stuff).
> Deadline: ASAP! Well, I give you guys 10 days. July 21 we then can
> start printing.

Can someone do a 30" x 60" banner design for GIMP & GNOME for me this
week, by any chance? Please? It should have both the GNOME logo and
Wilber, but aside from that you're free.


Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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