I am interested in implementing a workflow capability
to Gimp based on the following principles;

- the original file is immutable. (any edits of it lose information)

- the destination file is immutable. (assuming that lossy compression
is used, (usually the case))

This implies that that handling digital images should involve
'recipes' or 'routes' which
describe how to create a destination image from a source.

A destination image is associated with data which
defined the source image, and editing parameters
which resulted in this image.

Now, if when 'resize' the destination image,
I create a new destination image from the source, applying
the same color, cropping, and sharpening transforms,
resampling to a different size.

A good start in this direction would be if I could automatically
save curves and levels files when applying these edits. I could
then script associating the color transforms with the image.

Is it possible to script this capability?
(automatically saving the curves and levels files, under names
which indicates which image they are associated with)

Could it be scripted with Python-fu?
(I am comfortable with Python, not scheme)

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