I am not following your use of "immutable" (it seems to contradict the
statements in parentheses). Perhaps you could clarify that part.

I mean that I do not want to make any changes to the image as
it came from the camera/scanner, as doing so would lose data.

The output image, for example a .jpg, cannot be opened, edited
and saved, as that introduces unnecessary compression degradation.
That's why I call it immutable, to change it I should re-edit the
'master' it came from, edit and compress that file.

Also, I would caution that in GIMP parlance, the term "resize"
generally refers to changing the canvas size of the image (without
affecting the pixel data in any way). The term "scaling" is used to
describe actually changing the size of image contents.
Miscommunication could arise if this convention is not recognized.

Thanks for the clarification.

I am not aware of a Procedural DataBase function that permits
automatic saving of curves or levels. There is support (via some GAP

I will look for 'GAP' plugins.

for the loading and application of such files. The files
themselves are simple affairs and there should be little difficulty in
writing functions to save them. (Also, the curves and levels can be
saved from their corresponding "Layers->Colors..." dialog boxes.)

Right, I'd like to automate the process.

I am not familiar with Python-fu but all that you described is easily
handled by Script-fu and there is little reason to doubt that it
cannot be accomplished with Python. The PDB is language agnostic and I
think it is fair to say that Script-fu is the least capable of the
available scripting languages.

I take that to mean that the scripting space has access to
- when an image is edited via levels/curves
- what adjustment values resulted from the edits

If that is true, then it sounds feasible.


Quoting Kent Tenney <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Is it possible to script this capability?
> (automatically saving the curves and levels files, under names
> which indicates which image they are associated with)
> Could it be scripted with Python-fu?
> (I am comfortable with Python, not scheme)

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