[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2006-07-18 at 0736.55 -0700):
> I'm working out of Learning Web Design by Jennifer
> Niederst, and it uses Photoshop for dealing with
> graphics. I've instead opted to use GIMP, and I'm
> wondering if there is an equivalent to "Constrain
> Proportions" and "Resample Image" options for resizing
> an image. For example, the book says this:
>       "Our sweetpea.tif is way too big, so let's size it
> down. Making sure both the Constrain Proportions and
> Resample Image boxes are checked, change the
> resolution to 72 dpi. The resulting image should be
> 250 pixels wide and 160 pixels high. Click OK."
> Now, to do this I went into the Image->Scale Image
> dialog, changed X- and Y- Resolution to 72
> pixels/inch, but the Image Size didn't change. The
> link box to the right of each of these options was
> linked. If I didn't know the image was supposed to be
> 250x160, is there any way to automate this process?
> What is the equivalent of the two PS options?

As of 2.2 you have to use:

- Scale image for resample on, as it converts a given amount of pixels
to another amount (if you change W or H, but not for changes of X or Y

- Print size for resample off, it only changes the magic info that
says how many pixels per real unit.

I think in PS you can change all in one go. Yep, by just checking what
is editable or not and how the chain lines look, based in

In Gimp you have to use both dialogs, Print after Scale, as the X Res
in scale is automatic so if you start with a square of 720 pixels @ 72
DPI (10 inches, whatever applies to Width applies to Height) and want
2 inches and 300 DPI (600 pixels) things will readjust in sync... no,
wait, it only readjusts if you try to use inches as unit so you type a
2 for Width, but as soon as you type 300 in resolution the 2 becomes
0.48... and later you can type 2 again for Width and all will stay
(talk about experimenting with interface). And if you use 50 percent
instead of inches for Width, changes in X Res does not change the
Width. Whoa, what a set of rules and what a dance over the input
boxes! :-/ I think this is getting even more confusing with each
version, or at least not better.

If you only want to change the DPI you can also use the Scale dialog
if you use Pixels as unit, but I think that would be bad advice (it is
what happens, so if you want to remember all the tricks, up to you).

Another day I will try to find the equivalence of Constraint, if there
is one and under which rules. I had enough with the text above.

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