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Now, to do this I went into the Image->Scale Image
dialog, changed X- and Y- Resolution to 72
pixels/inch, but the Image Size didn't change. The
link box to the right of each of these options was
linked. If I didn't know the image was supposed to be
250x160, is there any way to automate this process?
What is the equivalent of the two PS options?

I am not that familiar with the Photoshop paradigm but perhaps Adobe chose to combine into one what the GIMP maintains as separate operations. If you use the GIMP's "Image->Print size...", you can change the DPI setting so that it matches the setting of the intended output device. You would then use "scale image" to size your image to what it what its real-world dimensions should be on that device.

Hopefully, I am not too far off-track on either what you are seeking.
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