I've run into this too,
In my case, it turned out that I checked
"transform selection" in the perspective tool dialog, rather
thank "transform layer".

Also, what VytautasP said: fit the layer to the filled rectangle
by choosing Layer -> Autcrop layer from the menu in the
image window. If this works right, You can see the layer border
as a dashed line of some sort, around the "box side" you want
to transform.

Other than that, make sure you have the correct layer
selected in the layers dialog.

From: David Fleming <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
To: gimp-user@lists.XCF.Berkeley.EDU
Subject: [Gimp-user] Building perspective objects
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 03:52:58 -0700

I am new to GIMP and as such have bought a book called, "Beginning GIMP, from Novice to Professional". It is copyright 2006 by Akkana Peck. Everything went well until the 4th chapter called 'Drawing'. I was asked to open a new layer with a white background. Then I was to open another layer with a transparent
background. On the second layer, called 'box front', I was to generate a
rectangle and fill with a wood pattern. Everything was fine to this point. Next I was to make a duplicate of 'box front' and call it 'box right side'. Then I was to move 'box right side' to the right so that its left side was next to the right side of 'box front'. Again, everything seemed fine. Then I was to choose perspective and move the right side of 'box right side' backward to form the right side of the box. First I chose the upper right side and moved it, then chose the lower right side and moved it. Again everything looked fine. I was then to click on Transform. What was there now on the new 'box right side' was a transparent frame with the original there as before; unchanged! I tried about
a dozen variations on this with the same result. I finally found what would
work was that, if I skipped the move step I could transform 'box right side' and then move it ... but that is a work-around, not a solution. I did the same
trick with 'box left side' as for 'box right side'. Then I generated a new
layer called 'box back'. I ordered the layer so that the drawing looked 3-D.
The next step was to shade 'box left side' and 'box right side' using the
"contrast and brightness controls" under "color tools". The 'box left side' did
not change at all when I had selected that layer, and the 'box right side'
changed when I selected that layer only on half the panel. It was on the part that was a union with 'box back'. What do you think? Is the approach wrong ...
or is there a bug here? I am getting a little frustrated with perspective

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