Hey, the new marquee tool is awesome!  I can't tell you how many times I 
struggled to get an oval selection around some
preexisting oval shape.  I would use guides and usually do it over about 5-10 
times before I got.  Now it's a breeze!
Great job, devs!

The splash for 2.3.10 is choice as well.  It's easily one of my favorites.

The tango icons are a little bland IMO.  They lack the nice color contrast that 
the 2.x icons had.  Is the old set
included in the install?

I don't know when this feature was introduce, but being able to drag an image 
from the image history to a new email in
Thunderbird and have it automatically become an attachment is excellent.  Also, 
being able to drag any image from
Firefox to Gimp's toolbox and have it open in the Gimp is genious!

Always fun to watch this app get better and better.

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