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I'm trying to put a bunch of photographs together as a collage. As I do
so, I want to be able to resize and reposition each one repeatedly
until I'm happy with the overall layout. So far what I'm doing is
pasting each image into a new layer, however, this isn't very
satisfactory because the layers are all the full size of the image, so
when I resize them, I can't really see what the effect will be on the
image itself.

It sounds as though you are creating a New Layer *then* pasting your photograph into it. If so, this is counter-productive. If the photographs are files on your harddrive, just create a New Image from the Toolbox File menu and from the Image's File menu do an "Open As Layer" to open the rest of the photographs 'all-at-once' (hold down the CTRL key as you click on each of the files in the Open Dialog). The photographs will be added to the image, each on a separate layer. You will most likely wish to perform an "Image->Fit canvas to layers" afterwards so that no layers extend beyond the image boundaries.

If I understand you correctly what you desire to do is not much different from what I did when I created the following iTunes spoof.


Each of the images was on a separate layer (as well as the text; I had over 80 layers) and had to be resized and cropped to fitted the page in the proper location. The GIMP made this process very easy (it only took me about an hour). Since most of the images came from the Internet, I just used drag-n-drop to put them on new layers in the image.
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