On Tuesday, August 01, 2006 7:21 pm, John Meyer wrote:

> BTW, I stumbled across a problem on how to dial down the speed
> of an animated GIF.  How do you do this using Gimp (Windows)?

That depends on whether you are using GAP or manually adjusting 
the timing. If you are using GAP, open the VCR Navigator and use 
the Framerate spin box to change the speed. If you are making 
manual adjustments, use the layers dialog and modify the layer 
comment to add or modify the timing information, e.g. "layer 1 

When you optimize your animation for GIF, if there are several 
identical frames, they will be combined into one frame and their 
timing information will be added together, so that when you play 
back the animation, there will be a pause at the frame where 
several were combined.

GIMP works the same way in this regard whether you are using it 
on Windows or any other system.
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