On Tuesday 01 August 2006 16:21, John R. Culleton wrote:
> Tried the latest development gimp, 2.3.9. Had a problem with
> Xsane. It reecognized Xsane, and when I selected it gave me the
> "accept" page. I said yes and then Xsane blew up.
> (In the process of getting a runnable 2.3.9 I had to delete som3
> glibs and insatll newer ones.)
> So I downloaded 2.2.12 into its own directory, and compiled it.

Don't know the disease but I found the cures. first I wiped out
everything in /usr/local/share/gimp. I also wiped out the gimpish
files in my home directory. 2.2.12 still didn't want to play
nicely so I recompiled 2.3.9. The xsane problem may have been
related to cross-partition problems so I just copied it to the
plug-in directory instead of linking it. Now all I have to do is
correct the persistent problems with PostScript output. It still
creates offsets, horizontal and vertical, by default. This requires 
minor surgery on the source.  

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