I was trying to apply the DoG edge detection plug-in
in a script and have been seeing the following errors.

(gimp:5944): Gimp-Core-CRITICAL **:
gimp_drawable_mask_bounds: assertion
`gimp_item_is_attached (item)' failed

(gimp:5944): Gimp-Core-CRITICAL **:
gimp_drawable_mask_bounds: assertion
`gimp_item_is_attached (item)' failed

(gimp:5944): Gimp-Core-CRITICAL **:
gimp_drawable_shadow: assertion `gimp_item_is_attached
(item)' failed

(gimp:5944): Gimp-Base-CRITICAL **: tile_manager_get:
assertion `tm != NULL' failed

If you have had success using this plug-in in a script
could you let me know.

I am essentially:
- loading my image
- creating a new layer
- running the plugin passing in my image and drawable

Here are the commands I'm using.

(file-dicom-load 0
(gimp-layer-new 1 480 768 2 "layer" 100 0)
(plug-in-dog 1 1 3 4.0 12.0 1 1)

This also leaves the undo stack in a bad state.

If I display the image before applying the plug-in-dog
I can run the edge detection manually.

Any help appreciated.

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