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I've tried tricks like cutting out the selected area into a new layer and performing the blur on the new layer. That is no better. My searches seem to suggest that Photoshop can limit the blurring to the selected area's colours if the layer is locked (which is also pretty obscure).

The approach based in transparency should work... or "family" (look at
dependences, 72848 and 72849 are blur) is not fully fixed.
There still appear to be issues to be worked out (I've just tried 2.2.12 to see if it is any better) with the transparency approach. Even so, being able to limit the gaussian blur to only use colour values from the selected area would be extremely useful. In other words, rather than relying on the alpha value of the pixel to affect its weight in the gaussian blur, use the selection weight of the pixel.

Does such an option exist? Maybe it's worth trying to alter one of the existing gaussian blur plugins to behave like this?

Toby Haynes
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