On Mon, 2006-08-07 at 19:41 +0300, Juhana Sadeharju wrote:
> Hello. How do I move the white point in GIMP? All three photos below
> were taken with the camera. How could I reproduce the photo 3 from
> photos 1 and 2 in GIMP? That is, assume I don't have the photo 3 below
> but I want something close.
> http://www.funet.fi/~kouhia/whitepoint1.jpg % wrong whitepoint
> http://www.funet.fi/~kouhia/whitepoint2.jpg % wrong whitepoint, example white
> http://www.funet.fi/~kouhia/whitepoint3.jpg % whitepoint based on example 
> white

Check out the levels tool. There is a grey point picker which allows you
to define a 'neutral' color and adjust the image 'automagically'.


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