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> this will not work becasue 'fuzzy-border' expects a number for the  
> IMAGE parameter and does not know how to handle the string "*.png".
> You usually have to define a new Script-fu function which takes care  
> of opening the file and calling 'fuzzy-border' with the image  
> identification number of the opened file.

Hope this mail gets trough, because an earlier reply to my own message was
refused. Somebody wrote me a solution:

Because I need different colour each time, I have devided it in two parts.
The part before the colours and the part after it and then use cat to turn
it into one part in a temrary directory, together with just one picture.

        COLOR=`hex2rgb $COLOR`
        cp $FUZZY_DIR/fuzzy.pl1 TMP_DIR/fuzzy.pl
        cat >> TMP_DIR/fuzzy.pl <<EOF
                           '($COLOR)    ; color
        cat $FUZZY_DIR/fuzzy.pl2 >> TMP_DIR/fuzzy.pl
        mv $FILE TMP_DIR/.
        cd TMP_DIR
        perl fuzzy.pl > /dev/null 2>&1
        cd ..
        mv TMP_DIR/*.jpg .

I use it to make wallpapers. A fairly rough and unfinnisched script is
here: http://houghi.org/script/wallpaper_maker.tar.gz
You would also ned ImageMagick.

I use it on two monitors. One to see the examples and the oter one to run
the script and do the changes. Also it is written for now for 1600x1200

You will also need to change the fonts to what you have available.

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