* Gracia M. Littauer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [08-18-06 19:32]:
> I'm answering myself since I seem to be talking to myself. ;^)..
> doesn't anyone use suse linux gimp to read & correct raw photo
> files??

SUSE 10.1 
> I finally got the rawphoto plugin to open, BUT it isn't the same as
> before my SuSE upgrade to 10.1...it now has almost no controls &
> looks like a child's version of what used to be a fairly decent raw
> converter...not Bibble, but faster to use & decent controls. What
> controls there are now don't do much. I can't believe this is what is
> surposed to be there

child's version???  The controls have been moved to tabs and buttons. 
What are you missing?

from gimp: giimp-remote ~/Pictures/1208.Snow.and.Decorations.d70/dsc_3473.nef
   yields:   http://wahoo.no-ip.org/~pat/gimp-ufraw.jpg

loading from the file->open menu selection does the same.

You can also open ufraw from the cl: /usr/bin/ufraw 

It does not show in the gimp's plug-in folder, but it is available.
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