I am wondering why I can't get the fuzzy select tool to antialias my
selected image borders. I have tried with The Gimp 2.2.12 and 2.3.9
and the result is the same. The antialias tool works fine with Rect
Select and Ellipse select. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Any help
would be very appreciated, or else I have to do some manual
antialiasing : (.

What I do:
1) Select a plain black aliased figure on a white background with
fuzzy select, with antialiasing switched on.
2) press ctrl + c and then ctrl + v.
3) Move the copied image to another location.
4) It has not been antialiased.
5) I wonder my brains out.

If I do the same with ellipse selection, it works fine, and the
ellipse shaped image is antialiased. Is it a bug?? I have searched on
aliasing and fuzzy selection on google for a long time now... without
any luck.

I am running it on windows xp pro.

Thank you.


Grzegorz, student in logistics

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