Grzegorz Nowak wrote:

I am wondering why I can't get the fuzzy select tool to antialias my
selected image borders. I have tried with The Gimp 2.2.12 and 2.3.9
and the result is the same. The antialias tool works fine with Rect
Select and Ellipse select. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Any help
would be very appreciated, or else I have to do some manual
antialiasing : (.

What I do:
1) Select a plain black aliased figure on a white background with
fuzzy select, with antialiasing switched on.
2) press ctrl + c and then ctrl + v.
3) Move the copied image to another location.
4) It has not been antialiased.
5) I wonder my brains out.

If I do the same with ellipse selection, it works fine, and the
ellipse shaped image is antialiased. Is it a bug?? I have searched on
aliasing and fuzzy selection on google for a long time now... without
any luck.

I am running it on windows xp pro.

Try increasing the threshold. The tool will select the region according to the colour of the clicked pixel + the ones that are close (in terms of colour). Antialiased pixels in your case (black on white) are grey, and the tool will only select the dark grey ones if your threshold is too low. It will look like antialiasing is gone.
You can also change the threshold by dragging the tool while selecting.

But I agree that it looks like there is a bug there. The antialias option does not have any effect (I have the same effect with or without it).

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