I have experimented with combining the following routines for removing
numerous dust-specks from scans of (ancient home-developed black&white)

1. select the area to be cleaned with "<intelligent scissors|Bezier
   curves>"; use "quickmask" to make the selected area easier to


2. use "selective Gaussian blur" to merge the dust-specks into the

Based on my experiments, these routines appear to be incompatible.  If I
use the "Bezier curves" with "quickmask", then - "selective Gaussian blur"
either does not work at all or works but blurs the whole picture.

In the absence of "quickmask", "Bezier curves+selective Gaussian blur"
work adequately.

If there is a more elegant solution to my problem, I would be grateful to
be told.

Felix Karpfen

Felix Karpfen

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