The thing that I notice in your script is that the new layer you create
has its transparency set to "0". Other than that, the paste is being
performed, it is just not visible in the output.

> Hi,
> I tried to set up my first script. I wanted to modify the old-photo
> in such a way to make the border fade out into transparency instead of a 
> color. I failed. Below is the simplified script, which should only make a 
> transparent border, but it does not work. My idea was to
> 1 - make a feathered selection in the original image, copy this selection
> 2 - create a new transparent layer
> 3 - paste the previous selection into it
> 4 - finally remove (or make invisible) the bottom layer
> If I use the script below (where the creation of the transparent layer
> the following steps are commented out), and then I create the new 
> transparent layer manyally in the gui of gimp, then Ctrl+V indeed works 
> well: it makes a paste of the feathered selection.
> However, if I uncomment even only the first 2 commented lines (which 
> create a new transparent layer and adds it to the image), then Ctrl+V 
> does not paste anything anymore; just a blank selection. Pasting from the 
> script (following lines in the script) also do not paste anything.
> Could anybody please explain me why, and how to overcome this?
> Thank you
> Daniel

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