Using GIMP 2.3, how do I change the anchor location for where the "path along text" is generated? (If there is one ...?)

Here is a picture of what is happening:


What I would like is to move the text made from the path (encircled in red along the top of the PNG) to the location of the big red X. Notice that the selection is an oval, not a circle, so I cannot simply "rotate" the entire layer with the text-path. (I have done so in the past, for circles, but it still felt like cheating.)

It strikes me that there should be a way to set the anchor point on the selected path so that when I click the "Text along Path" button, the text is rendered where I would like, rather than along the top-left of the oval's arc.

I have tried searching FAQs, Google and docs.gimp.org for this wonderful new button. Nada.

Any help is muchly appreciated.

Dave Jarvis
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