Hi !

I don't know that exists a Logo creator script (or extension), or other technic in Gimp that can do this:

I have a Text, the text of the logo, or other 2 dim. object.
I want to create a perspective view of the logo, a 3d format.

The first S character in this view is seems to be a "scroll"...

See this ugly sketch (drawed in mspaint by my child):

So I want to create 3D text from 2D text.

I can do it manually, when I copy the last layer, resample it, and move it up and right, and repeating in in 50-100 times. But this is typically script area...
Better, if the script can decrease the color tone of the actual layer, and the result seems to be better...

Same texts are creatable in MS WordArt, and same function is working in the OpenOffice Drawing, with 3D objects.
But I must create this in Gimp.

Do you know a script can do this function ?

Thanks for help:

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