Well, I'm not using GIMP only to detect file formats, but to perform 
image transformations such as midtone adjustment and unsharp mask, 
where I believe and hope GIMP is an appropriate tool to use. I want 
however script-fu to do the whole job, and that includes detecting 
image types such as rgb and grayscale for a vast set of image formats.

If anyone knows has alternative way of doing this in GIMP, let me 

Thanks anyway.


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On Tue, 2006-09-26 at 10:20 +0200, Magnus Hellström wrote:
> So this behaviour of the wmf file loader can be considered as a bug?

No, it counts as a missing feature perhaps.

> Is it something that will be taken care of in future releases?

Unlikely, unless somone provides a patch. The WMF loader plug-in is 
simple. It uses libwmf to load the file and as far as I can see, the
libwmf library always returns an RGBA buffer. So you might even have 
change the library first.

> I'm stuck to Gimp, so ImageMagick is not an alternative.

Frankly speaking, GIMP seems like the wrong tool for the job. It was 
designed to detect file formats.


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