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Photoshop and the free programs TeX, Scribus, Inkscape, Krita
etc. can work in the CMYK color model. Gimp only works in RGB.
CMYK has a more limited range of colors than RGB. Printers, both> --
desktop and four color commercial work in CMYK.

This is the major hangup with using Gimp as a Photoshop
replacement. Apparently adding the additional color model would be
a huge undertaking.

Color management support is improved in the latest development
versions of GIMP, this is not the same as editing in CMYK mode, but it
should be the thing more than 90% of the people asking for CMYK needs,
even though they think it is not.

It is sufficient to do the conversion to CMYK when exporting from GIMP
to file/the printer to achieve correct colors if you have a color
correction profile for your display as well as your printer. This is a
separate issue from being able to work with the image in CMYK mode.
Manipulating a photograph in CMYK mode is in most cases mostly
pointless since the source of the data is the RGB model and the human
visual system operates in RGB as well. The separation needed for CMYK
varies between printers whilst sRGB is a standard color space for
image exchange.

/Øyvind K.

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