On Thursday 28 September 2006 08:31, Rob Ogle wrote:
> John,
> I'm the OP'er...since I'm a network tech and not a graphic designer I want
> to make sure I understand what I'm getting from these posts before I go
> back to the designer. When you wrote, "...will need to understand its
> limitations for photos  destined for print jobs and develop workarounds"
> Does that mean that there is no fix? Or is the fix to convert the visible
> image to cmyk in the Gimp so the designer can adjust colors, etc so the
> print should match the screen?
That is more or less what I am asking for. The problem is the
limited gamut of CMYK. What looks great in RGB looks dull in

For serious color work you need a monitor that can be adjusted
for color temperature and software that will accept icc profiles
and so on. Then you need to run tests, perhaps with a calibrated
color target. Photoshop has a lot of this stuff built in.
Scribus, which lacks the plugins etc. of Gimp, nevertheless will
deal with the CMYK model and ICC profiles. Of course ImageMagick and
GraphicsMagick can do conversions back and forth. At this point
however it is mostly cut and try with Gimp. You have to do a lot
of tests on your setup to get it right. 

I bought a used sony pro monitor on EBay, model CPD G250 and I
have adjusted the color temperature to my flourescent environment.
But I haven't gone much further with it,

> I've been using the Gimp in a limited capacity for the past 4 years and I
> love it. I like to promote it as much as possible.

As do I, but the color model thing is serious and I have to be
honest about it. 

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