Hi Alan,

Thanks for an intelligent and articulate response.  I suspected the
disconnect with reality, bringing me to post to the users list first
instead of the developers'.  Being a software developer and contributor
to other open source projects, I understand the complexity issues.  I
also wish the community to grow past the selfishness of the proud
consistent contributors.  If only they could see it from outside, it'd
be obvious.

thanks again, Roland;

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> Hi,
> While all other credible opensource projects are gaining ground in a
> professional IT setting, the GIMP is being held back because of the
> instant derogatory impact of the name.  If someone who can champion
> task reads this, please humble yourself for the sake of this amazing
> software that some of us are embarrassed to promote, or simply won't
> until the name is changed.

I agree (and have always agreed but continued to use the software
nonetheless) however the changing of the name presents some

When this was brought up on previous occasions the developers did agree
try and emphasize the full title of the GNU Image Manipulation Program
(GIMP) in future.

The GNU General Public License (GPL) makes it entirely possible for
distributions to make their own changes and many often do but so far
have resisted changing the name, probably due to the extra effort of
maintaining such a change but if you suggest it to your preferred
distribution you never know they might go ahead and do it.

On the techincal side Sven Neumann has explained he does not wish to see
the project renamed and will not accept patches to make it easier for
third parties to change the name.

Perhaps his opinion has changed but at the time he wrote:
"I seriously doubt that the name is effectively keeping GIMP from being
used. And I am all happy to ignore the very few people who are so
narrow-minded as to having a problem with the name."


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