On Friday 29 September 2006 13:48, Roland Hordos wrote:
> Hi Alan,
> Thanks for an intelligent and articulate response.  I suspected the
> disconnect with reality, bringing me to post to the users list first
> instead of the developers'.  Being a software developer and contributor
> to other open source projects, I understand the complexity issues.  I
> also wish the community to grow past the selfishness of the proud
> consistent contributors.  If only they could see it from outside, it'd
> be obvious.
> thanks again, Roland;

Since I live near Finksburg and not too far from Scaggsville I am
perhps desensitized to such points of political correctness. But
I do remember from half a century ago a group of hotrodders who
proudly called themselves the Kreeping Krips of Kaiser-Kabat.
Kaiser was a hospital system and these particular hotrodders
built and modified their cars from their wheelchairs. 

There was an organization in the headquarters of Social Security called
the Public Inquiries Group. Someone objected to the initials so
they proposed changing their name to Public Inquiries Sub Section.  

Bottom line, I thought the name "Gimp" a bit lame when I first
heard it but now it falls trippingly from my tongue. 

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