Selon Roland Hordos <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Hi,
> While all other credible opensource projects are gaining ground in a
> professional IT setting, the GIMP is being held back because of the
> instant derogatory impact of the name.  If someone who can champion this
> task reads this, please humble yourself for the sake of this amazing
> software that some of us are embarrassed to promote, or simply won't
> until the name is changed.
> Thank you.
> Roland Hordos
> IT Manager

I can only say that in french "Gimp" don't have any sens or's a
big troll on french forums about "Photoshop is the best!" "Gimp rules !"...but
the name in itself have no sens.
As a froggy, I love the sound of "The Gimp" even if it's an acronym.

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