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> Personally, I think the name should change not because I find GIMP derogatory 
> but because I think a name that somewhat
> identified (even vaguely) what sphere the software is used it would be a 
> boon.> 
> Inkscape is an excellent name in my opinion.  It is somewhat ambiguous, but 
> you definitely know that software named
> Inkscape must have something to do with the artistic sphere.  That's all you 
> really need.

I agree.  Among the various arguments about changing GIMP's name, this
is probably the only one that makes a bit of sense.  This is not a
problem for those who know that "GIMP" actually stands for "GNU Image
Manipulation Program" but those who do not know GIMP yet will probably
not know the expansion of the acronym either.  Besides, the acronym is
rarely expanded in casual talks and most users see only "GIMP" in the
splash screen and in the window titles so they may not even know what
this stands for.

It may be interesting to associate the name of the application with
what it does.  If we look at GIMP and its derivatives, we have:
  GIMP        - Meaningless unless it is expanded.
  FilmGimp    - Not too bad, but not used anymore.
  CinePaint   - Good.  Unique and directly linked to the right area.
  GIMPshop    - Awful. This only has a meaning for Photoshop users. If
                the goal was to use a name that contains parts of
                Photoshop's name, then picking PhotoGIMP would have been
                better.  But plagiarism is not a good idea anyway.
  Seashore    - Meaningless.
And if we look at other projects and products, we have (besides
several products called Paint or Painter):
  Krita       - Meaningless except if you speak Swedish
  KolourPaint - Good.
  Tux paint   - Good.
  Tile Studio - Not too bad but specialized.
  mtPaint     - Not too bad.
  Dogwaffle   - Bad.
  Picasa      - Not too bad.
  PicMaster   - Not too bad.
  Pixel       - Good but the term is too common.
  Photoshop   - Not too bad.
  PaintShop Pro - Not too bad.
  Fireworks   - A bit confusing, but inspiring.
  PhotoImpact - Good.
  PhotoPaint  - Good.
For the vector drawing programs, names like InkScape, Skencil or
Sketch are rather good.

Several other applications in the same area seem to have more
interesting names.  Maybe GIMP could become more popular if it
switched to a name that is more directly associated with graphics.
Maybe not.  As Yosh mentioned, GIMP already has some mindshare and a
new name would not only have to be good, it would have to be good
enough to justify sacrificing the popularity of the current name.

So feel free to propose better names that are:
- related to the graphics, photo or image manipulation domains
- cool, inspiring
- unique so that we don't run into trademark problems
- short enough to fit in the applications menu or window titles
- suitable for most languages and cultures

If you find a name that meets all these criteria and would probably be
immediately adopted by a marketing team if GIMP were a commercial
product, then keep in mind that you would still have 90% chance to
have the name rejected because some developers simply do not want to
change the name.  With that in mind, I wish you good luck...

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