True, so here goes for my case:

>> .. professional IT setting, whatever that is. ..
Windows desktops for Administration, Accounting, Drafting, Engineering,
and Executive personnel.

>> .. Novell, Inc. .. as part of their enterprise OS. ..
Not user facing.  It's a Windows world, let's be honest.  I run Linux on
every server except 2, but servers don't need graphic editors.

Thanks for the clarification.  Sorry if I misinterpreted your point


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On Fri, 2006-09-29 at 12:38 -0600, Roland Hordos wrote:

> >> can you proove your claim?
> Sigh.  Try googling "is gimp a derogatory term".  If you read the
> sources at the first 10 hits and you still don't understand, then try
> the next 15000.

Hi Roland,

what Sven possibly meant here was for you to prove that the name GIMP is
a reason why the product isn't used in a professional IT setting,
whatever that is. I have been using GIMP professionally for over 5 years
and Novell, Inc. for example doesn't have a problem selling it as part
of their enterprise OS.


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