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> I do not believe that GIMP should be renamed.  Anyone who takes
> offense should simply grow up a little.

In your example the group did rename themselves, but yet you are using it
as an example against renaming?

> Renaming things in 'decent' or 'sanitary' ways is foolish at best.

I have pointed out that the current situation amounts to telling those
with different opinions to "Fork off" but this seems suboptimal.

Both Gimpshop and Cinepaint two projects with different ideas have been
criticised for forking instead of cooperating.

I am suggesting that although it is great that forking is possible it is
not desirable.  Very often forking is a big waste of everyones time and
resources when they could instead be helping improve one shared codebase
all can benefit from.  It might just maybe be better if there was one less
reason for people to fork.


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