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> OK, let me restate the question.  I can't find any sort of development 
> package for gimp for FC5 separate from the Gimp itself.  I've googled, 
> looked on the Gimp downloads page, the Gimp Unix page, and searched 
> RedHat, and Sourceforge.  I can't find it.  But neither can I find 
> anything with a name like libgimp-dev on my computer.

I don't use Fedora, but it wasn't hard for me to discover that there
is indeed a package called gimp-devel for FC5:


> But please don't lose sight of my original question - I just want to 
> have Gutenprint make the print plugin, which it is not presently doing.  
> From my examination of the configuration log, it appears that it wants 
> the gimpui.pc file, which seems like a reasonable thing to want, but I 
> don't know.  I didn't see anything in the Release notes, so it seems 
> like if it was there once, it ought to still be there.

The main purpose of the *.pc files is to include the right directories
and compiler options that are specific to your system in order to
ensure that the plug-ins can be built and installed correctly.  The
file gimpui-2.0.pc is automatically generated when GIMP is built and
there must be some package for your distribution that includes the
appropriate version of this file.  It is important to use the right
package for your distribution because each distribution is likely to
use slightly different directories or compiler options for building
and installing GIMP.  If you take some random *.pc file from another
distribution, you are likely to break things.  So please install the
correct package (gimp-devel-2.2.13) and it should work fine.

If gimpui-2.0.pc is not included in the gimp-devel package, then you
should report a bug in the Fedora bug tracker, because this is
problem in the distribution and not a GIMP bug.

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