Raphaël Quinet wrote:
> On Fri, 29 Sep 2006 16:00:25 -0500, Eric P <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Personally, I think the name should change not because I find GIMP 
>> derogatory but because I think a name that somewhat
>> identified (even vaguely) what sphere the software is used it would be a 
>> boon.> 
>> Inkscape is an excellent name in my opinion.  It is somewhat ambiguous, but 
>> you definitely know that software named
>> Inkscape must have something to do with the artistic sphere.  That's all you 
>> really need.
> I agree.  Among the various arguments about changing GIMP's name, this
> is probably the only one that makes a bit of sense.  This is not a
> problem for those who know that "GIMP" actually stands for "GNU Image
> Manipulation Program" but those who do not know GIMP yet will probably
> not know the expansion of the acronym either.  Besides, the acronym is
> rarely expanded in casual talks and most users see only "GIMP" in the
> splash screen and in the window titles so they may not even know what
> this stands for.
> It may be interesting to associate the name of the application with
> what it does.  If we look at GIMP and its derivatives, we have:
>   GIMP        - Meaningless unless it is expanded.

Maybe if we all make a concerted effort to call it by the shortened name
of "GNU Image", people with hear "NewImage" (sounds more glitzy, like a
"TM" should follow immediatly afterward), and the name could be

>   Dogwaffle   - Bad.
Eww, sounds like somebody stepped in that one...;-)
>   PhotoPaint  - Good.
> For the vector drawing programs, names like InkScape, Skencil or
> Sketch are rather good.
> Several other applications in the same area seem to have more
> interesting names.  Maybe GIMP could become more popular if it
> switched to a name that is more directly associated with graphics.
> Maybe not.  As Yosh mentioned, GIMP already has some mindshare and a
> new name would not only have to be good, it would have to be good
> enough to justify sacrificing the popularity of the current name.
> So feel free to propose better names that are:
> - related to the graphics, photo or image manipulation domains
> - cool, inspiring
> - unique so that we don't run into trademark problems
> - short enough to fit in the applications menu or window titles
> - suitable for most languages and cultures
> If you find a name that meets all these criteria and would probably be
> immediately adopted by a marketing team if GIMP were a commercial
> product, then keep in mind that you would still have 90% chance to
> have the name rejected because some developers simply do not want to
> change the name.  With that in mind, I wish you good luck...
> -Raphaël
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