1 - The majority of GIMP users do not find the acronym GIMP offensive.

2 - US citizens do not have a world-wide "right" to make all the world
inoffensive, nor do they constitute the majority of english-speakers
on earth.

3 - Making sure everything is inoffensive to every person on the
planet is futile.

Therefore, I find the acronym GIMP totally acceptable.  Through daily
life, I find the outside world to be far more offensive than *any*
word.  For example, take the zealots who would change the name of a
well-known image manipulation program, all over some obscure,
localized, negative connotation.  What's next, chop the penis off of
Michelangelo's "David"?  I'm sure that his stone member offends *some*

One last thought - I think it's quite possible that over the coming
decades, GIMP's growing popularity might entirely strip the negative
meaning from the word "gimp".  Now there's a happy thought amongst all
of this belly-aching...

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