These images are much more workable - good job practicing and learning with your camera. The "correct" way to take this image is with a Graduated Neutral Density filter (GND) - however, since you are using a point and shoot this isn't practical.

As for how I would approach fixing this in GIMP is to open both images.
* from the layer dialogue, drag 7748 onto the 7749 image (bright image now on top of dark image)
* Create a quick-mask (the box at the lower left corner of your image) - you should get a red-mask overlayed on your image
* go to the channel editor (within the layer dialogue) - note that the mask channel is selected
* select the gradient fill tool, with the default gradient (black to white) start just below the tree line and drag to just above the tree line.
  This will erase part of the mask
* now in channel dialogue, select the "mask to selection" box (second from right on my version of GIMP)
* (while in channel dialogue, click on mask eyeball to hide the red mask)
* Go back to the Layer dialogue and do a cut (CTRL-X) - if everything worked right the tree line should have a nice gradient from bright to the darker sky.

Good luck - difficult instructions to follow, but worth playing with layer masks. google for some gimp tutorial on using masks.
By the way - nice job of using the road to lead the eye into the photo. A good compositional techinque.
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