Manish Singh ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote (in reply to Alan Horkan):
> So Alan, before you make anymore posts relating to this topic again, you
> need to make a non-trivial contribution to GIMP yourself to justify all
> the time you are wasting here.

Yosh has decided that Alans posts to this list will be moderated. Alan
has asked me to bring this to your attention. If you are expecting an
answer from Alan related to this topic you won't get it on list.

I am deeply troubled by this unilateral descision of yosh to control the
content of the gimp-user list. While I do think that this thread is
blown out of proportion and the topic gets stale for several years now,
I want to make clear that I absolutely have a problem with this
descision of yosh. While this discussion is inconvenient it is on-topic
for gimp-user (although not likely to get a resolution).

And I do not think that non-trivial contributions to the GIMP should be
required to be allowed to post to gimp-user unmoderatedly. The "user" in
gimp-user refers to people *using* the gimp, and Alan is a long-time
gimp user and even *has* contributed to the Gimp source. A lot of the
core developers might sometimes disagree with Alan, but that does not
justify blocking Alan from communication via this list.

Also I'd like to see a short notice to the list with an explantation why
someone is going to be moderated. Having clear guidelines on our
webpages on what is acceptable and what not would make this easy.

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