I had a problem with multiple XWD files that we received, and they had a message almost exactly like this one: https://lists.xcf.berkeley.edu/lists/gimp-user/2001-February/003159.html, except that we were dealing with 8bpp, instead of 24.
What a colleague and I found out was that (in our case), someone was FTP'ing the XWD file in ASCII mode (not in BINARY mode).
This has a tendency to convert any '0a' characters in the binary stream to '0d0a' if you are on an PC (where they were copying too).
The choices are simple, either FTP in binary again, or in our case, we modified the binary file locally and replaced the '0d0a' with '0a' and all was OK once again (of course, we only had one byte that was incorrect in our files).
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