Chris Mohler wrote:
> 1 - The majority of GIMP users do not find the acronym GIMP offensive.
I actually have no problems with the name "GIMP", nor do I care if the
authors choose to change the name, just as long as it doesn't happen often.
> 2 - US citizens do not have a world-wide "right" to make all the world
> inoffensive, nor do they constitute the majority of english-speakers
> on earth.
> 3 - Making sure everything is inoffensive to every person on the
> planet is futile.
I agree with your other two points also. I'd hate to have to start
referring to "bigots" as "Persons of Prejudice" or "zealots" as the
"Moderationally Challenged" ;-). The open source community usually has a
good sense of humor, and although I thought "GnuImage" was a
tongue-in-cheek sort of suggestion, I made the post anyway since it
could actually be a viable compromise if the name Really Needed to be


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