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> I have a simple animation I want to do for a website which involves
> fading a photo  gradually (I assume by increasing opacity of a
> layer or decreasing opacity of layer containing photo) and
> replacing it with text (by increasing opacity of layer containing
> text?) And then this text will be a link to a web page. I have no
> idea how to do this. I am a total amateur looking to learn this
> slick little trick.I am new to Gimp but learning. Can you help me
> please? Andrea

I do not like what I will write you, for I am normally comitted to 
freesoftware options only.
But for this case, the easiest way to achieve what you desire is to 
use Flash.  No, the Gimp cannot create it. There are Free programs 
that can, I do not know then. I guess event he free Gnu Flash Player 
- GNASH - could handle  a file that would do just that, although it 
is not packed with all features in flash 9. - however, most people on 
the web would see your final result in a  proprietary plug-in - that 
is why I dislike it.
CSS3, as others have suggested simply is not widespread, and few 
people would be able to see it. 

That said, if youcan do that with GIMP alone:
You can implement most of this as an animated gif, as people had 
written. You just can't create the link in the end - you'd have to 
use Javascript to do that - or - just let the whole image be a link 
all the time, and just press the text inside it at the end.A small 
adaptation that would simplify your work and allow you to make this 
with an animated gif.

Create an image, with your photo, the size you wnat it to be on the 
web.  Create a new layer, with the background color you wish for the 
text, add yoru text, and, witht he text layer selected, combine it 
with the background layer bellow. Now, duplicate the layer with your 
photo, and use the plug-in "Filters->Animation->Blend" - it will 
create another iamge with all the intermediate layers you need.

Save this one as "gif" and pick "animation" on the dialog that 
appears. Select your parameters, and there you go. Tip: if you wnat a 
certain frame to last longer than the others (let's suppose you want 
your aniamtion to loop, but you want the the text to be visible for 5 
seconds before repeating), you put the duration of the frame in the 
frame title, inside parentheses - a name such as "final (5000ms) 
" (the time is in milisconds)


Then, with 

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